Auto-Scale Policy

The auto-scale policy governs scaling the number of nodes of a Kubernetes cluster to provide more compute resources for your application by monitoring the CPU load on the nodes [within the Kubernetes cluster]. When the CPU load on all nodes within the cluster rises above the scale-up threshold you set in the policy, another node will be added to the cluster. However, if the CPU load falls below the scale-down threshold set with the policy, that node will be removed from the cluster. These actions are limited to the min and max number of nodes set within the policy, to bound to the size of the cluster. Once the auto-scale policy is created, it can be referenced when creating a new cluster from the cluster instance page.

The ScaleWithCluster setting on your app should be set to true to have Kubernetes scale your app across all nodes within the cluster. Otherwise, your app will only run on one node in the cluster. As a result of that, auto-scale will not trigger, and you won't be unable to take advantage of an auto-scaled cluster.

Note: Auto-scale only supports Kubernetes deployments at this time.

To create an auto-scale policy:

  1. Expand the Policies menu.
  2. Select Auto-Scale Policy and click the + sign,
  3. From the Create Auto Scale Policy screen, enter all required fields.
    • For the Minimum Nodes, set the minimum number of cluster nodes to scale.
    • For the Maximum Nodes, set the maximum number of cluster nodes to scale.
    • For the Scale Down CPU Threshold, set, in percentage, the min CPU threshold. The percentage range is between 1 and 100.
    • For the Scale Up CPU Threshold, set, in percentage, the min CPU threshold . The percentage range is between 1 and 100.
    • Set the Trigger Time, in seconds. This Trigger Time defines the time that the sampled CPU threshold must be continuously met before triggering the auto-scale action. Setting the Trigger Time prevents possible anomalies of CPU activity (or lack thereof) from triggering unwanted scale up/down actions, if the anomaly activity occurs as the CPU usage is sampled.
  4. Once your auto-scale policy is created, attach it to your Kubernetes cluster.

Create Auto Scale Policy screen
Create Auto Scale Policy screen