Version: 1.0
Last Modified: 8/21/2020


NFV: Network Function Virtualisation
QoS: Quality of Service
NAPM: Network & Application Performance
ML: Machine Learning
MOU: Memorandum of Understanding
MSA: Master Service Agreement


CRM: Cloudlet Resource Manager
DME: Distributed Matching Engine
Organization: Developer
Supplier: Operator


PGW: Packet Data Network Gateway
NBI: NorthBound Interface
NEM: Network Element Manager
EMS: Element Manager System
NE: Network Element
CM: Configuration Management
FM: Fault Management
IM: Inventory Management
PM: Performance Management


CAMP: Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership
V2V: Vehicle-to-Vehicle
EEB: Electronic Emergency Brake Light
FCW: Forward Collision Warning
BSW: Blind Spot Warning
IMA: Intersection Movement Assist
LCA: Lane Change Advisory
LTA: Left turn assist
DNPW: Do Not Pass Warning
V2I: Vehicle-to-Infrastructure
CSW: Curve Speed Warning
WZW: Work Zone Warning
SPaT: Signal Phase and Timing
V2P: Vehicle-to-Pedestrian or Vehicle-to-Phone Communication
V2X: Vehicle to Everything
DSRC: Dedicated Short Range Communications
RSU: RoadSide Units
OBU: OnBoard Units
ITS: Intelligent Transportation System