Product Overview

Learn how MobiledgeX Edge Computing platform can help developers host and scale applications on the Telco Edge and reduce latency by bringing applications closer to your users

Take advantage of edge computing benefits through our easy-to-use MobiledgeX Console to create edge computing applications. We offer a wide range of options to deploy your applications closest to your users, ranging from containers using Docker or Kubernetes to VMs. With just a few clicks, you can deploy your applications' instances across the Telco Edge data centers, referred to as cloudlets, in no time. We offer several ways to scale your application and set up privacy controls through customization of policies. And with just two function calls within your client application, you can quickly register your client and locate the closest application instance deployed. Furthermore, if your edge applications require faster response times or you need to offload processing from the device to an edge location, MobiledgeX and services may help you achieve these goals. Learn more by reading the guides below