MobiledgeX Edge Services

MobiledgeX Edge Services are tested products that allow you to focus on building applications for your clients. To get started, MobiledgeX has deployed sample instances of each service, which you can easily connect by using our supported SDKs for various languages.

For production, you may use the provided containers and deploy them using the MobiledgeX console to best fit your application.

Have suggestions for additional features or services MobiledgeX can provide to simplify your development process? Contact us on Discord.

MobiledgeX Computer Vision (beta)

The MobiledgeX Computer Vision Service offers a simple REST API, which processes input image data, and runs specific processing. The service offers the following Computer Vision processing capabilities:

  • Face Detection : The server will detect all faces within the image and then return back meta-data representing the rectangular coordinates of the face within the image.
  • Face Recognition : The server will recognize a face within the frame, based on the training data set, and then return the coordinate, name, and confidence of the prediction.
  • Object Detection : With either CPU or GPU, the server will detect and recognize objects based on the model used and then return the coordinates, name, and confidence, per object.
  • Pose Detection : Using the GPU, the server will detect the skeletal pose of a human within the frame and then return the 2D coordinates of each joint.

MobiledgeX Edge Multiplay (beta)

The MobiledgeX Edge Multiplay Service is a Game Server solution that syncs messages and data across connected devices. With our provided solution built in Unity, you can quickly start building a Multiplayer game that works on the Edge.