What is MobiledgeX?

What is Telco Edge Computing?

The Telco Edge is a distributed network of data centers that are managed by telecommunication operators around the world. A unique feature of these Telco Edge data centers, what we refer to as cloudlets, is that they are located at cellular tower networks. As a result, application data can be routed on a 4G or 5G cellular connection from a device, such as a smart phone, through the cell tower, directly to your application server in the data center.

MobiledgeX Data Flow diagram

This results in the two primary benefits compared to traditional cloud computing:

  • Lower Network Latency

  • Lower Network Jitter

To enable developers to deploy their applications onto the Telco Edge, MobiledgeX provides a cloudlet agnostic platform, where you can deploy & scale your server application across various Telcos.

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MobiledgeX Platform Overview

MobiledgeX offers three core products that simplify developing an edge computing application: