Last Modified: 7/10/2020

The MobiledgeX Client Library enables an application to register and then locate the nearest edge cloudlet backend server for use. The client library also allows verification of a device's location for all location-specific tasks. Because these APIs involve networking, most functions will run asynchronously, and in a background thread, utilizing the Google Promises framework and iOS DispatchQueue.

The Matching Engine iOS SDK provides everything required to create edge-enabled applications for iOS devices.


  • MacOS Mojave installation
  • Xcode 10 (From the Apple store, search for Xcode)
  • An Apple ID. Create an ID from the developer site on Apple
  • An iOS device to test with
  • Cocoapods installation

Download the iOS SDK and libraries

Step 1: Create a login and an Organization on the Console. The creation of a login will automatically generate a user account and allows for access to Artifactory.

Note: With a login, you can download the iOS SDK library as well as upload a server image to install on the edge network.

Step 2: In terminal, run these commands to install Cocoapods: gem install cocoapods and gem install cocoapods-art.

Step 3: Go to your root directory cd ~.

Step 4: Create a .netrc file and enter the following credentials: echo machine login <username> password <password> .netrc. Use the same credentials created on the Console in Step 1.

Step 5: Navigate to your project directory and add the following lines to your podfile:

  • plugin 'cocoapods-art', :sources =>; ['cocoapods-releases']
  • pod 'MobiledgeXiOSLibrary', '= 2.4.0'

Example podfile:

platform :ios, '12.0'
# Default Specs.git:
source ''
plugin 'cocoapods-art', :sources => ['cocoapods-releases']
target 'ARShooter' do  
  pod 'MobiledgeXiOSLibrary','= 2.4.0'

Step 6: Save your podfile, and then run the following command to install the MobiledgeXLibarary dependency to your workspace: pod install.

Step 7: Open your xcworkspace.

Step 8: Copy and paste import MobiledgeXiOSLibrary in any file(s) where you will utilize the MobiledgeX libary/SDK.